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NOTICE for all past and present scholarship applicants and recipients: If you are 18 or older and you want to authorize another individual to discuss or receive information related to your scholarship application or award, you must return the completed, dated and signed document in digital format (scan) by email to

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2015 Scholarships Are Closed

The 2015 Scholarship Application Process is now closed. Click the button below to review the status of your application today.

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The 2015 Scholarship Application Process Is Now Closed.

2016 Scholarships are coming soon!

This year, the NRAEF created a new application process designed to be more user-friendly and to help match applicants with the scholarship they are best qualified for. 

Applicants will create a log in by providing a valid email address. Log in credentials will be sent to this address. All scholarship communications will be sent via e-mail, so PLEASE BE SURE that the e-mail address you provide is correct and is one that you ALWAYS have access to. STUDENTS: Please do not use your parent’s email address or school-issued email addresses that will be deleted upon graduation or in the event that you transfer.

Once logged in, applicants can save their work and resume the application process at any time prior to the application deadline date. 

Some scholarships have different deadlines. For example, the Supply Chain Management Scholarship, which has an application deadline of March, 2016. Please pay attention to deadline dates.

Every applicant was notified of the status of their application approximately 6-8 weeks from the deadline date.  

Disclaimers:  This wizard will help you to set up your application and help determine your best scholarship options. The NRAEF and STARS Online division at Cappex encourages scholarship applications from qualified applicants regardless of color, race, religion, national origin, gender, disability, marital status or citizenship status.

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