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Profile of a 2014 RNA Winner

Profile of a 2014 RNA Winner

Meet Panda Restaurant Group, the 2014 winner of the Large Business Restaurant Neighbor Award.

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Giving Back to Their Communities

Embracing Charitable Initiatives

The 2015 recipients of the Restaurant Neighbor awards have made a tremendous impact on their local communities.


King's Kitchen/Noble Foods & Pursuits
Charlotte, North Carolina

Jim Noble began ministering to others in 1998, but didn’t have a clue that his compassion and generosity would one day leave its mark on North Carolina’s largest city, and countless thousands of people he inspired along the way.
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Ollie's Restaurant

Edwardsville, Pennsylvania

The owners of Ollie’s restaurant wanted to make a difference in the lives of hungry children so they launched Dinners For Kids, a program that is earning raves for its common sense approach to a thorny issue that continues to plague our nation.
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T.L. Cannon Companies

Williamsville, New York

TL Cannon is very serious when it comes to ‘doing good’ in all the neighborhoods it serves. A 61-unit Applebee’s franchisee, this New York-based company puts community, and most especially, children first.
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Ryan Turner, Chris Hall & Todd Mussman

Atlanta, Georgia

Three restaurant partners inspired by Ryan Hidinger, a chef who faced Stage IV cancer with uncommon strength, launched The Giving Kitchen in his honor. Meet the recipients of the Humanitarian Award who are helping Atlanta’s restaurant community with funding for unexpected hardships.
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